How We Maintain Peak Productivity Throughout the Week

We’ve noticed how much more we’re able to accomplish when we prioritize reasonable working hours and adequate rest around the Lakeside, Inc. office, and a recent study done at Stanford explains why. Researchers found that once a person started working more than 50 hours a week, their productivity lessened. After 55 hours people did not accomplish significantly more than those who limited themselves to working 55 hours or less.

This makes a fun and relaxing weekend more than just something to look forward to; it’s vital for being effective throughout the week. Here are some Lakeside, Inc. ideas that help us make the most of Saturday and Sunday:

  • Turn Off Devices: When we stay digitally engaged with our work over the weekend, we never mentally leave the office.
  • Space Chores Out During the Week: Too often, Saturday and Sunday turn into laundry and errand days. With a little planning, it’s possible to get most of these items done on weekdays and rest on the weekends.
  • Exercise: The key to a successful exercise program is finding an activity you look forward to doing. If we have a hard time committing to a workout, we look for a class to join with some friends.
  • Keep a Weekend Journal: By considering what went well, and what could have gone better, we prepare ourselves for whatever the coming week has to offer.